The company has been run for the last two decades by Thierry Auchlin, precision engineer, and Catherine Frioud Auchlin, economist, who own the company together. The directors favour a modern, flexible, yet stringent, production planning based on a quality partnership with the contractors and personnel, a philosophy that guarantees the strength and reputation of the company.

Auchlin SA’s production is carried out by a stable and competent team. The management and personnel work hand in hand. This approach, added to a warm, relaxed atmosphere and the development of personal skills, leads to a very low staff turnover and a constant, high quality production. Auchlin SA’s employees are true craftsmen with a keen customer focus.

The company has a wide customer base, mainly in the Jura region known as the "Arc jurassien” and abroad. Over the years, the two generations of directors have built a longstanding relationship based on trust with their customers.
 With its production for the high-end market growing steadily, the company carries out a meticulous control of the appearance and dimensions of all treated parts. Auchlin SA has a strong customer focus and is committed to fulfilling all clients’ needs and to developing a strong collaboration with its customers.

With a view to respecting environmental protection regulations, the company acquired its own waste water treatment plant more than 20 years old!