Auchlin SA – Company profile

Polishing is a subcontracting operation whereby specific tasks are performed on the parts supplied by the contractor and which are handed back to him once those tasks have been carried out. The operation itself consists in a surface treatment that is difficult to automate and therefore implies a high degree of know-how. Actually, polishing can be seen as a craft rather than an industry. This is due to the fact that it relies on old skills and techniques passed from father to son, rather than on the technology itself. 

Auchlin SA is a typical subcontractor. It operates a wide range of polishing operations and has a high production speed and capacity. Its facilities allow for an excellent level of response, even when dealing with very specific issues.

Thanks to the company’s expertise in the field of traditional polishing and the use of new technologies, Auchlin SA can provide demanding customers with the best service and solutions, even for projects involving complex shapes and new materials.

Thierry Auchlin

Direction générale et technique

Catherine Frioud Auchlin

Direction administrative