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Beeing successfully 70 years in the market is not only chance. This longevity obviously results of the know-how and skills of the company and also of a state of mind aiming to always maintain a relationship of trust with its customers. “Our reputation for seriousness and reliability also lies in the fact that our customers deal with the same interlocutors over many years, wether the management (undertaken by the 2nd generation) or the employees. This stability in the trade is the key for a healthy relationship", adds Catherine Frioud Auchlin.

Although vital, the relational aspect is only one component of the good functioning of the company. With several billions of parts annually treated in its workshops, the company also must keep the control of its costs, knowing that workforce is the main constituent of its activities. “By continuously seeking the dialogue with our customers, we past the stage of a simple subcontractor. We become partners, both in the production and in the counseling ", conclude Catherine Frioud Auchlin and Thierry Auchlin.